Types of fiber optics cable


Fiber optics cable is a medium that ensures data is being transmitted reach the recipient at high speed. The data-in digital form is transmitted through rapid pulses of light that is carried by a tiny filament of the light beam which translates light pulses into computers binary languages.

We have a single mode, plastic optical fiber (POF) and multimode types of fiber optic cable that are commonly used. Fiber optic cable has increasingly become popular amongst business and home users for internet connections, it provides fast transfer speeds on the internet, it boosts larger bandwidth for effective communication.

Types of fiber optic cables

  1. Single mode optical fiber (SMF)With single mode optic fiber, light is carried directly down the fiber meaning that when the core is small and a light ray of 0 incident angle pass the length of fiber with less loss. The core is more often design for the use of infrared that is near 1310nm and 1550nm.it is called single mode because it has one mode of transmission that supports diameter of 8.3 to 10 microns.
  2. Usually, the mode structure of optical fiber depends on the wavelength of light that is being used, this enables them to support small additional modes variably at visible wavelengths. In most cases, single-mode fiber is advantageous because it doesn’t have modal noise or modal dispersion.it performs better than multimode when it comes to carrying signal at high speed. For high data rates and coverage of long-distance telecommunications, single mode fiber uses laser diode equipment, unlike other fibers.
  3. On the other hand, graded index multimode fibers are more often used for data communication and network for not more than a kilometer connections. Multimode fiber cables are less expensive compared to single mode fiber. They are cheap to install, operate and are fast within their range. They can support the maximum speed of 10GB within the range of 300 meters. It has an added advantage of limited data dispersion and external interference, this is to say that the single input mode allows SMF-(single mode fiber) to limit light scattering on it.on overall this helps it reduce light that is lost and in turn increase data transmission.
  4. Plastic optical fiber optic plastic fiber optic cable in one of optical fiber that has core material that allows transmission of light using polymethylmethacrylate components.it is easier to use and low on a budget if you compare it with other fiber cables. plastic fiber optics uses much larger diameter, this results in lower data rates and high bandwidth signal transmission over-short distances. The plastic can be cut and twisted to fit the place of work without damaging the fiber.


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